Credit Card Payment

*  We understand that sometimes credit card payments may not go through as expected. Below are some common questions and answers to help you understand why this might happen. Please note that these explanations are general in nature and are not a reflection of any specific transaction or individual circumstances. 


1. Why was my credit card payment declined? Credit card payments may be declined for various reasons, including insufficient funds, suspected fraudulent activity, incorrect card details, or the card being expired.

2. I have sufficient funds, why was my payment still declined? While you may have sufficient funds in your account, other factors like daily spending limits, international transaction restrictions, or unexpected activity could lead to a decline. Lumen system is equipped with strict security measures in place to protect our customers' financial information and prevent fraudulent activities. Make sure to have all the exact information, like your full name or using your own account when making a purchase.

3. Could there be a technical issue causing the decline? Yes, technical glitches, server outages, or connectivity problems can occasionally lead to payment processing issues. We recommend trying your payment again after some time or using an alternative payment method.

4. Is my personal information safe if my payment is declined? Absolutely! We prioritize the security of your personal and financial information. Payment declines do not compromise your data in any way.

5. How can I resolve a declined payment? You can take the following steps to resolve a declined payment:

  • Verify that the card details you entered are correct, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV.
  • Contact your credit card issuer to ensure there are no holds or restrictions on your card.
  • Use a account that contains the same information as your credit card like your full name, a trusty email address, address or any other relevant information. Using your credit card with a account that is not yours might decline the transaction.

* If you have concerns about a declined payment, we recommend contacting your credit card provider for more information or a go to the branch closest to your location. 



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