Connect to the mobile app

The mobile app and ElekNet accounts are the same. You can therefore use your regular ElekNet account to connect to the mobile app.

Do not have an ElekNet account?

Step 1: Before applying for an ElekNet account, you must have an active Lumen customer account and have your customer number in hand. If you do not have an ElekNet account, you can apply here.

Step 2: Once you have an active Lumen customer account, you can apply for an ElekNet account by completing this online form.

Step 3: Once the ElekNet account is created, you will receive an email from with your username, password and all account information.


Step 4: Once you have your ElekNet account, you can contact your representative to plan an ElekNet training with an e-commerce solutions specialist.

Step 5: You can now use the information received by email to connect to the mobile app and enjoy all these features.

Thank you!





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