How to create a Quick List

What is the purpose of a Quick List?

Your Quick List allows you to have quick access to your favorite products, but also to process orders quickly, without having to search for products one by one. It also allows you to search for products by using personal codes that you will set in your Quick List.

How do you import your own Quick List?

Step 1: Log on to If you do not have a account, you can request for one here.

Step 2: Select Quick List in the main menu.


Step 3: You must then create an Excel file (.XLS, / XLSX) or .CSV with the items that you want in your Quick List. The first column of your file should include the Lumen product codes and the second column should include your personal codes. Personal codes should have a maximum of 30 characters. You can choose whether you would like to put a title or not on your columns.

Step 4: Once your Excel file is completed, go back to and click on Import.


The products you imported will now appear in your Quick List & you will soon be able to search for these products with your personal codes. Note that although your Quick List will be visible immediately, it may take 24 hours before you are able to search with your new personal codes.

Thank you!



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