How to create and use an order template

What is the order template for?

The order template allows you to create lists of customized and / or frequently ordered products as well as lists for products that are needed for specific projects. Adding products to your shopping cart from an order template or adding an entire order template to your shopping cart is achievable in only a few clicks, so you do not have to search for multiple products one by one.

How to create an order template? 

Step 1: Log on to If you do not have an account, request for one here.

Step 2: Click on Orders, and then on Import Order. It is also possible to create an order template directly from the products that are in your shopping cart. To do so, see step 6.


Step 3: You then have the choice to import a file (Excel or .csv) or to copy / paste the desired product codes as well as the desired quantity.

In your file, make sure that:

Column A: Contains the Lumen Product Code (SKU)

Column B: Contains the quantity you wish to order for that product 

In the case of a copy / paste or a .csv file, specify the product code and the desired quantity, separated by a semicolon (;). Ex. CAB14 / 2D7;50

Note that it is possible to modify the quantity desired for a product at any time following the import.

Step 4: Click on Import and select the file you wish to import.

Step 5: Once the cart is uploaded, click on Add to Cart.


Step 6: Once all the products are in your the cart, click on Save Cart, enter a name in the Cart Name field and click on Save Cart.


Step 7: Your order template is now created and can be found in the Saved Carts tab in the main menu.

You can easily add the items from a saved cart to your cart by clicking on the cart icon. Once the items are in your cart, you will be able to modify the quantity you would like to order for each product. 


Thank you!



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